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Where is Search Anything?

Search Anything is located on the library home page ( and broadly searches across books, ebooks, articles and more.

You can also search this, and all other Research Guides, using the Search Box located in the top right corner of the page.

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Welcome College of Applied Studies and Academic Success

CASAS is committed to excellence as they assist students in each phase of their educational career.  In addition to academic services such as advising, tutoring, disability support, and career services, they also provide degrees in Individualized Studies, Interdisciplinary Studies, and Technical Studies.  In addition to the degrees, they also offer a variety of study strategy courses to give students an edge in their education.  Services are also offered through the Math Emporium and the Academic Success Center. 

This Research Guide will give you resources and ways in which you can become a more efficient researcher.  The databases, books, e-books, media, and websites listed in this guide will direct you to comprehensive and scholarly resources for your next research paper, project, or presentation. 


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The following links are wonderful sources of information when citing your research resources.

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