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APA Style - 6th edition: Formatting

This guide will provide students with examples and explanations of ways to create or identify various types of sources in APA.
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Useful Resources

General Rules

  • Font - Your papers should be typed in 12-point font, Times New Roman.
  • Line Spacing - Your papers should be double-spaced throughout. In addition, make sure that the spacing before and after each line is set at 0.
    • To make sure that you're doubling spacing throughout, highlight the text, right click on the text, select 'Paragraph,' and look under the section 'spacing' as shown below:


  • Margins/Alignment - Your paper should use 1-inch margins on standard-sized paper (8.5' X 11'). Make sure that you use Align Left (CTRL + L) on the paper, except for the title page.
  • Title page:
    • The title page should include a title, your name, and the affiliated institution in the center of the page.
    • The title page should also include a Running head and the abbreviated title of the paper in ALL CAPS in the header/running head section, located in the top left section. Take a look at an example here: Link