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APA Style - 6th edition: Reference Page

This guide will provide students with examples and explanations of ways to create or identify various types of sources in APA.
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Reference Page

Useful Resources

General Guidelines

  • The Reference page is the last section of any paper.
  • Generally, the Reference page is called 'References'; however, if only one source is used, the title should read: Reference
  • The title 'References' should not be bolded, but should be in the Times New Roman (Regular), 12-point font, and should be centered.
  • All the sources used in your paper should be included on your Reference page, excluding classical works (such as Bible or the Qu'ran), personal communications (such as private letters or telephone conversations), and whole websites (versus a specific page or item on the website). Examples of these are included in the APA Style Central database.
  • List sources in alphabetical order, beginning with the author's last name followed by his/her first initial.
    • Example: Smith, J.
  • The second line of any reference should be a hanging indent, meaning they should be indented 5 spaces or 1/2 inch.

To see an example of an APA formatted paper, take a look at the Sample Paper provided by the Online Writing Center.