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Live Healthy Liberty: Books

The Live Healthy Liberty Guide provides resources that support the Live Healthy Liberty goals of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.
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Call Numbers and Subject Headings

Please note that the books listed on this page are a selection; they are not all that is in the Jerry Falwell Library that are Live Healthy Liberty resources. When browsing the books on the shelves or the online bookshelf, Live Healthy Liberty books can be found in the following call number or call number ranges:

BF576                     Emotional Intelligence

BR115.T42               Technology--Religious aspects--Christianity

BV4501                   Spiritual Life--Christianity

HM851                     Information technology--social aspects or moral and ethical aspects

HM1166                    Interpersonal relations

LB2840.2                  Teachers--Job stress

PN1992.6                  Television--Psychological aspects or moral and ethical aspects

QC902.9                   Solar activity--environmental aspects

QP141                      Nutrition/food habits--Psychological aspects

RA781-785                Exercise, nutrition, or stress management

RC451.4.S7              Students--Health and hygiene

RM222.2                  Weight loss diets

RM237.65                 Paleo diet

S589.75                   Sustainable agriculture

S605.5                    Organic farming

T14.5                      Technology--Social aspects

TX356                     Shopping for food

TX364-370               Nutrition, Natural food, Junk food

Diet & Exercise