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Modern Languages: Encyclopedias & Dictionaries

Where is Search Anything?

Search Anything is located on the library home page ( and broadly searches across books, ebooks, articles and more.

You can also search this, and all other Research Guides, using the Search Box located in the top right corner of the page.

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Library of Congress Classification

The Jerry Falwell Library (with the exception of the curriculum library)  uses the Library of Congress Classification system to organize the collection and create call numbers. Here is a breakdown of some of the relevant call numbers for languages:

P - Philology, Linguistics PJ - Oriental languages and literature
PA - Greek and Latin language and literature PN - Literature
PB - Modern and Celtic languages PQ - French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese literature
PC - Romance languages PR - English literature
PD - Germanic languages PS - American literature
PE - English language PT - German, Dutch, Flemish literature
PF - West Germanic languages PZ - Fiction


Encyclopedias can be a good starting point for research. Below is a sample of some of the specialized encyclopedias owned by the library for your use. Many other such resources can be found in the library catalog.


These dictionaries are a sample of the materials available in the Jerry Falwell Library collection to support research in modern languages. Search the catalog for more options.