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Live Healthy Liberty: DVDs

The Live Healthy Liberty Guide provides resources that support the Live Healthy Liberty goals of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.
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Call Numbers and Subject Headings

Please note that the DVDs listed on this page are a selection; they are not all that is in the Jerry Falwell Library that is a Live Healthy Liberty resource. When browsing the DVDs on the shelves or the online bookshelf, Live Healthy Liberty DVDs can be found in the following call number or call number ranges:

BV652.25        Church growth

GT2850            Cookery, International

PN1969.C65     Stand-up Comedy

RA781-785       Exercise, nutrition, or stress management

RC537             Depression, mental.

RC628             Obesity

RJ399.C6         Childhood nutrition

S589.75           Sustainable agriculture

TX360.U6         Food industry and trade

TX553              Minerals in nutrition


Exercise DVDs