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Biology & Chemistry Research Guide: Earth Science

This research guide features resources and strategies for finding information and conducting research related to Biology, Chemistry, Creation Studies, and Earth Science


This link allows you to search several Ebsco databases simultaneously.  Enter your search terms (such as nebular hypothesis).  When results are displayed, limit to "Academic Journals."   EBSCO Quick Search


If you go to Google and begin your search with "" (no quotation marks) followed by your search term you will limit your search to only higher education sites.  (For instance, try and then subsitute your terms)

1.      Answers in Genesis - - This is on the Answers in Genesis (AiG) website. Here you can find numerous online books dealing with creation science topics. Some will be applicable to earth science and some will not. Evolution Exposed: Earth Science is a particularly good one.

2.      Answers in Genesis PowerPoint Presentations - - This is another AiG source. It contains some Powerpoint presentations you may find helpful.

3.      Journal of Creation/Creation Magazine - - Students can sign up for the Journal of Creation or Creation Magazine at this site. Unfortunately, there is a fee involved. For whatever reason, though, students can occasionally download individual articles for free. As such, it is worth their time to peruse these journals.

4.      Creation Research Society (Free Resources) - - A repository of free online articles.

5.      Answers Magazine - - Answers Magazine is a great family-style publication (like Creation Magazine is). The current issue will only have a couple of free articles, but this site contains a wealth of information, videos, books, etc.

6.      Creation-Evolution Literature Database - - This site allows you to search for scientific topics using an online, young-earth creationist database. This is a tremendous resource for those with little or no knowledge of where to find young-earth creationist resources. 

Finding Books

To find books on your subject, here are some general subject headings.  Also, search for more specific terms like "young earth creationism" or "nebular hypothesis."  Use this link to directly search the Jerry Falwell Library Catalog.  When you get search results, you can limit your search to only electronic resources (E-books that can be read online) or you can limit to more recent resources.  When you find a particular book, you will notice that some of the standardized subject headings below will be listed.  If you click on a subject link within a particular title (such as Bible and science.) it will show you all of the books that have been assigned that title.

Some books are E-books, that can be read online.  Others are only available in print.  Of the print books, some are on the Book Tower shelves while others are in the robotic storage system.  Requesting a book via the robotic system does not mean it will be delivered to your home.  To order print books that Liberty owns, go to this InterLibrary Loan page and create an ILLiad account (if you are a first-time user) and submit a book request.  Please plan ahead to allow sufficient time for delivery of your requrested materials. 

Library of Congress Subject Headings

  • Bible and geology
  • Bible and science
  • Biblical cosmology
  • Creationism
  • Creationism – United States – History
  • Creation – Biblical teaching
  • God – Proof
  • Intelligent design (Teleology)
  • Religion and science
  • Geology (search topic in general, or there are many subdivisions to this topic)

Books -- Most of these titles are print books, and would have to be ordered through ILLiad (our interlibrary loan / document delivery service) for use by online students

Encyclopedias, Handbooks, and Dictionaries

Electronic reference works