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MLA Style Writing Guide: Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography

  • An annotated bibliography is formatted much the same way as a works cited page, but it will include annotations (a brief written entry) below the citation.
  • Annotations should be alphabetized according to the author's last name, or the first word of your citation, just like a Works Cited page. 
  • The annotation should be indented, like a block quote, and should be double-spaced. In your Annotated Bibliography the only part of the text that is aligned fully to the left is the first line of your citation.
  • Annotations are usually brief, maybe a couple of paragraphs, and will summarize and evaluate the source in your citation.
  • Be sure to adhere to your professor’s individual requirements regarding word count and what you should include in your annotation.

‚ÄčClick here to see a sample MLA annotation from Purdue OWL. 

Example of MLA Annotated Bibliography Format