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CRJS 420 Criminal Investigation: CRJS 420

A collection of resources for CRJS 420.

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Robert Weaver
Jerry Falwell Library 2nd Floor
Subjects: Government, Politics

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This research guide serves as a collection point for the library's resources for CRJS 420 Criminal Investigation

Biblical Principles Concerning Government

A Governments should punish evil and encourage good

B What about the detailed laws for Israel given in Exodus-Deuteronomy?

C God is sovereign over all nations

D Governments should serve the people and seek the good of the people, not the rulers

E Citizens should obey the government (except in certain circumstances)

F Governments should safeguard human liberty

G Governments cannot save people or change human hearts

H The relationship between church and state

I Governments should establish a clear separation of powers

J The rule of law must apply even to the rulers in a nation

K The Bible gives support for some kind of democracy

L Nations should value patriotism