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MLA Writing Guide: Home

This research guide provides a brief introduction to MLA.


This guide provides a brief introduction to general MLA  guidelines for writers. The information provided in this guide is taken from the MLA Style website, the MLA Handbook and from Liberty University's Writing Center MLA guidelines.

Students can find helpful instructions, templates, and tutorials on MLA via Liberty University's Writing Center.

MLA format is typically used in English, language, and literature classes. Always double-check your professor's requirements for your assignment as they could differ from the standard MLA format requirements. 

Citation Help

Keeping track of citation style changes doesn't have to be difficult. The Jerry Falwell Library offers RefWorks (log in here) to help you keep track of the references you are using and to assist you with citing your sources.

RefWorks can output your paper's reference list in many citation styles, including MLA. It is important to verify that your reference list is in the correct format, so be sure to make sure the citation is correct in RefWorks. A short video tutorial on using RefWorks is included below to assist in getting started.