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How to Find and Use E-books: Creating E-books

This guide contains information about how to find and access e-books at the Jerry Falwell Library.

Creating E-books

The information on this page is meant to help you create your own e-books.

Using these instructions, you can make e-books that are:

  • Dynamic (work with a variety of screen sizes)
  • Flexible (work with a variety of devices)
  • Free (little or no cost to you)


Depending on your level of comfort with coding and how much effort you want to put into creating e-book, you'll want to choose a different option.

1) Word to Calibre - simple, minimal time and effort

2) PressBooks - simple, moderate time and effort

3) Calibre - complex, extensive time and effort

Where to Find Copyright-Safe Images

You might want to add visuals/images to your e-book. Images are protected by copyright, so unless you have permission, you can't use other creators' works. However, maybe creators give their work Creative Commons licenses and make them available for different sorts of uses.

The sites below have Creative Commons licensed works for you to search through. Pay attention to what sort of uses are allowed. For example, sometimes only non-commercial uses are allowed and other times commercial is included.


To make sure there are no errors or problems in your e-book code, use these validators.

Best Practices