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Guide to NAXOS Music Library: Sheet Music: NAXOS Music Library: Sheet Music

This guide will show you how to use NAXOS Sheet Music Library.

NAXOS Libraries

Critical to Note

1) You must download the Freehand Solero Viewer. There is a link to it on the main Freehand Music page. It can also be found here:

2) You must use the Solero Username/Password to connect. Both fields are entered in the username and password section.

For example:

Username: LibertyU-100092

Password: LibertyU-100092

To Access Content

First: Add it to a cart

Your goal is to find images like the one to the left, or a button that says "Add to Cart."


1) From browseable title list on the Sheet Music home page:

a. Click to the title of the piece, and then click add to cart


b. Click the image similar to the one above


c. Click "Add to Cart"

2) From the Sheet Music home page:

a. Search for music

b. From the results page, click the image similar to the one above (no "Add to Cart" choice is available)

Second: Download your added items

If you only wanted one piece, then after you clicked "Add to Cart" or the image above, you can click download.

If you added multiple pieces, click the "Cart" option at the top right menu on the Naxos page.

Third: Which piece did you really want to see

Now you come to a page where you're to choose which piece you REALLY wanted to see. Now you will get a list of items, and you need to click not the title of the piece, but the image on the right under the column titled: "Solero Viewer". The image looks like this:

Fourth: Login, or view your music

If you've logged in once before, your music will load and you'll be able to view your score. If you haven't logged in yet, remember the username/password data and be sure to login with that. Once you've done so, you're ready to view your music.


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