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EVAN 101 - Evangelism and the Christian Life: Home

This research guide features resources and strategies for finding information and conducting research related to Evangelism and the Christian Life.

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Welcome to the EVAN 101 course research guide! This page is intended to help you in two ways:

1. It offers additional assistance for completing the assignments specific to this course, especially the methods of evangelism research paper.

2. It provides a brief overview of how to conduct library research.

The guide is organized by type of information source. Each tab provides an explanation about each type of source as well as examples for locating and using them.

If you need additional help with using the library, please contact the liaison librarian listed on the left side of the page.

Using Information Ethically

Plagiarism (essentially stealing someone else's ideas or work) is a serious academic offense with serious consequences. Yet, it is easily avoidable by citing the sources you use in your paper. Remember, you must give credit to others whether you paraphrase, summarize, or directly quote their work.

The tutorials below will help you to properly cite the information sources you use. Select the formatting style most appropriate to your major. If you do not know which style to use, use APA.

APA Tutorial (social and health sciences)

MLA Tutorial (humanities)

Turabian Tutorial (humanities, especially religion)