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Primary Sources: Finding Primary Source Material

This guide will discuss the difference between primary and secondary resources for use in research.

Finding Primary Source Material

Primary sources are available in the Jerry Falwell Library in books, databases, and the Archives. Databases listed on this page are those that include a variety of subject matter. Databases focused on one particular subject area are listed under separate tabs.

There are also many sources on the internet. When looking online for primary sources about a particular country or subject, use you subject term as a keyword and add the phrase "primary sources."

Jerry Falwell Library Primary Resources - General Subject

The following is a list of databases in the Jerry Falwell Library that contain primary source materials.

One way to designate that you want primary sources in any database search is to add the keywords "study" or "technical report."

Jerry Fawell Library Archives

The Archives, located on the Terrace Level of the Jerry Falwell Library houses a variety of collections including papers from the Moral Majority, speeches and sermons by Jerry Falwell, and the James Lutzweiler Hymnal Collection.

Other unique collections include archeological materials from the historical Mead Tavern excavation and oral history transcripts and recordings of interviews with military veterans.

  • Digital access is available to some of these collections.
  • Clicking on Digital Books opens access to hymnals from the James Lutzweiler and the Burgess Hymnal Collection. These documents are text searchable by title or phrase. Individual pages and entire hymnals can be downloaded.
  • Arrangements can be made to view physical copies of these materials by



Newspapers as Primary Resources