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Copyright: Media

This guide provides a brief introduction to copyright.

Free to Use Media

These sites offer free to use media. The YouTube site will need to be limited to "Creative Commons" to limit the results correctly. To avoid plagiarism make sure you cite/give attribution to the creator.

Free Simulation and Virtual Labs

These sites offer free to use visual aids.  To avoid plagiarism make sure you cite/give attribution to the creator.

Anatomy and Physiology

Virtual Fetal Pig Dissection - Whitman College Biology Department.


SkyServer DR16 - Sloan Digital Sky Survey - Usage information,

GEAS Project - Distance education laboratory - Our materials are copyrighted; please contact us if you are interested in using them in an educational setting.

Astronomy Picture of the Day - Permission information


Energy 3D - Learning to Build a Sustainable World - From a grant from the National Science Foundation.

Flowsquare - Free computational fluid dynamics software.

GNURadio - Free & open-source software to implement software radios.

Scilab - Free and open-source software for engineers and scientists.

Reactor Lab - Interactive simulations of chemical reactors for active learning.

Open Simulation Interface - OSI file format.

Verilator - Verilog/SystemVerilog simulator.

Environmental Science

DataONE - Environment and Earth. DataONE Member is free.

General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans


ActivEpi Web - Free online textbook by David G. Kleinbaum, 2015.


PhET Interactive Simulations - Math, physics, chemistry, earth science, and biology. 

Teaching Geoscience Online - Finding lab activities online.

Physical Geology 101 - Richard Harwood 2018.

NOVA - Interactives through PBS.

Virtual Microscope for Earth Sciences  


Public Health Image Library (PHIL) Created by CDC.

General Microbiology Labs - MOLB/MICR 2021. Sponsored by the University of Wyoming.


Neuroscience Labs - Modular Digital Course in Undergraduate Neuroscience Education at UCLA.

Allen Institute for Brain Science - Open data and resources.

Build Your Own Brain - Use? button for assistance.


Molecular Workbench - Visual, Interactive Simulations for Teaching & Learning Science.

Physics Simulations - Customize and share.

CK-12 Exploration Series - Physics and Chemistry Simulations.

Open Source Physics - Simulations and materials

oPhysics: Interactive Physics Simulations


USGS - Science datasets

WOLFRAM Demonstration Projects - Creative Commons Attribution—NonCommercial—ShareAlike 3.0. 

DATA.GOV - U.S. Government open data.

National Science Foundation - Statistics.