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Using E-books for Course Content: Ordering Ebooks

This page will give you information on how to find and request ebooks which will be used for course content.

What is this LibGuide?

This LibGuide is for faculty who would like to use and/or order ebooks for course content. Follow the steps below to get started.

Step 1

Go to the WorldCat Advanced Search page.  Next to "Format", find the dropdown menu and pick the "eBook" option.

If you do not have an exact title in mind...

If you have an exact title in mind...

You can search by keyword, author, or subject.

Choose "Title" or "ISBN" from one of the dropdown menus near the top of the search box. Then enter the title or ISBN of the book you wish to find.

Step 2


If you have found a title you are interested in...


If you were looking for a specific title and could not find it...

Copy and paste the bibiographic information into an email to the E-books Librarian (  It will be particularly helpful if you can provide the full WorldCat URL.

Send the bibliographic information that you have for the title to the Ebooks Librarian. The librarian will then determine if the title is available as an E-book.

Step 3

The Ebooks Librarian will let you know that they has received your request and whether or not the title is available from one of our E-book vendors. If the librarian is able to find the title, it will be ordered.  Once the E-book is available, the Ebooks Librarian will notify you.  Most E-book orders can be accomplished in a matter of minutes, so if the Ebooks Librarian finds the book, they will generally buy it immediately, unless there are any questions that need to be answered first.

Please be aware that not all E-books listed in WorldCat are currently sold electronically, so your desired title might not be for sale.  (The situation is comparable to a physical book that has gone out of print: the book exists but cannot be purchased.)  Conversely, some titles are sold electronically but their WorldCat listings do not mention their E-book status, so if you cannot find your desired title as a WorldCat E-book, it may be worthwhile to submit a request anyway.

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