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Using E-books for Course Content: Ebrary Help

This page will give you information on how to find and request ebooks which will be used for course content.

Links to Ebook Content

If you want to link to E-book content, you will want to consult the OpenAthens Guide. OpenAthens is a company that provides off-campus authentication for Liberty University's electronic resources by redirecting URL's through a secure network.

This will allow off-campus users to access the content without interfering with on-campus users accessing the content.

Follow the instructions on this page for more information:
OpenAthens Guide


Ebook Central

For an Ebook Central text help guide, click here.

For help with downloading Ebook Central ebooks, click here.


Ebooks from other sources

For more information on all the ebooks the library has access to, click here.

Subject Guide

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