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Curriculum Library Guide: Educational Resources

Special library within the Jerry Falwell Library

Educational Resources

ESL (English as a Second Language) are materials that assist international students with English language acquisition and also help prepare teachers who are in the TESL program. The materials include instructional manuals and leveled readers.

Check out limits: 25 items; 30 days; 1 renewal, Late fee: 20 cents per day



The CUR Collection is our Curriculum Collection. The Curriculum Collection includes teacher edition textbooks and supplements for grades PreK-12. Items are arranged by grade level (ELEM-PreK-6 and SEC-6-12) then by subject, publisher, grade, and date.

Check out limits: 3 items; 3 days; no renewals, Late fee: $5 per day


The TRM Collection is the Teacher Resource Materials Collection. These types of materials are books that are considered teaching resources, lesson and activity idea books for all grades PreK-12, not specific to particular textbook. Popular publishers are Scholastic, Jossey-Bass, and Teacher Created Materials. These items are arranged in subject order by Dewey number and then by author.


Check out limits: 3 items; 30 days; no renewals, Late fee: $5 per day



How to Find TRM (teacher resource materials/teacher idea books) in your content area

All Teacher Resource Materials are organized by Subject Dewey numbers. Here are a few specific Subject Dewey numbers:

  • Social Studies- 300.71
  • Differentiated Instruction- 371.3
  • Special Education- 371.9-371.94
  • Grammar (Secondary)- 425
  • Writing (Secondary)- 428
  • English as a second language- 428.24
  • Spanish- 468
  • Science- 500.2, 507-507.8, 520-590. 612
  • Math- 510-519
  • Health and PE- 613-613.7188, 796
  • Art- 707.1-751.07
  • Music 780-782.42
  • Literature 807
  • History- 909-990

** Don’t forget to utilize the Education Research Guide’s Websites tab for lesson plan related websites. **


Manipulatives are math and tactile games and resources for all grades, while most are geared towards elementary grades.


Examples of some manipulatives that are available:







Manipulatives are located in the cabinet next to the TRM collection and arranged by subject with Dewey numbers, just like Juvenile Nonfiction.


Check out limits: 3 items; 3 days; no renewals, Late fee: $5 per day




Under construction

Under construction

The Curriculum Library's collection of magazines includes children's magazines and educational magazines .

  • Children's magazines: American Girl, Boy's Life, Click, Clubhouse Magazine , Cobblestone, Cricket, Disney Adventures, Highlights, National Geographic Kids, Ranger Rick, Spider
  • Educational magazines: Arts and Activities, Bookbag, Book Links, Booklist, Exchange, Language Arts, The Mailbox (no longer available in print, only older editions available in print), Mathematics Teacher, Scholastic Art, Scholastic Teacher, School Library Journal, Science & Children, Science Scope, The Science Teacher, Teaching Children Mathematics, Young Children

Magazines are for in-house use only and not available for checkout.



Standardized Educational Assessments
A wide variety of testing materials designed to measure aptitude, achievement, and learning styles.

Standardized educational assessments are available only for in-house use (3 hours) for specific LU courses and research.

Checkout: In-house use only (maximum 3 hours), Late fee: $1 per hour