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Curriculum Library Guide: Online Resources for PK-12

Special library within the Jerry Falwell Library

ONLINE Resources for PK-12

Since the circumstances of 2020 led to the need to access additional resources online, the following list has been curated to assist you.

Additionally, resources from past webinars can be found at the bottom of this page.

Online Children's Literature Resources
Remember to check
your local public library and state public library
for free access to eBooks.


An extensive list of additional educational Websites
is located on the Education Resource Guide page.

Curriculum Library

Curriculum Library phone number: 434-592-3361

Curriculum Librarian: Lyn Mathews                                                                         
Curriculum Library Manager: Lindy Placke

Online Open Educational Resources (OER) for K-12 Curriculum
Additional Online Resources for Teachers, Students, and Families

Additional Resources for Education and from Webinars