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Digital Media & Communication Arts Research Guide: Home

This research guide features resources and strategies for finding information and conducting research related to Digital Media & Communication Arts

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Search Anything is located on the library home page ( and broadly searches across books, ebooks, articles and more.

You can also search this, and all other Research Guides, using the Search Box located in the top right corner of the page.

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Subject Welcome

Welcome to the research guide for Digital Media and Communication Arts (DMCA).  This guide is designed to point you toward information resources that specifically relate to the digital media and communication arts fields.  Each resource has been evaluated for its relevance to the DMCA field as well as its credibility as a reliable source.  Here is what you can expect to find in the various sections of this research guide.    

Databases lists subject databases that provide access to journals and articles specifical related to the DMCA disciplines.  Notice that this section contains a listing of media content databases.  You will also find a list of current news databases, which provide access to the full text of major newspapers.

Books & eBooks highlight print and online titles that are relevant to key areas of study in the DMCA field.  These titles will rotate as new items are added to the collection.

Encylopedias & Dictionaries list print and online reference resources that provide overviews and background information to topics in the DMCA field.  This is a great place to find general information when beginning a research assignment.

Websites will lead you to credible free online resources that can provide information on emerging trends, historical background, current events and more.  

The Specific/Additional Resources menu will display a streaming video page detailing both Internet and licensed database resources offering streaming video content.