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This LibGuide is specifically for students taking Government 330, Comparative Politics.

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Subjects: Government, Politics

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This research guide serves as a collection point for the library's resources for GOVT 330, Comparative Politics.

This course seeks to:

1.   Encourage the comparison between different forms of government and thereby gain an appreciation of their own form of government.

2.   Acquaint the student with various competing political ideologies in order to allow him/her to evaluate political positions and opinions applying a Christian perspective.

3.   Develop an awareness of the problems which exist in governing a state and to help students gain an understanding of the different ways that governments try to solve these problems.

4.    Foster a greater appreciation of the challenges facing a state in the international community and how different governments meet those challenges.

5.    Present students with an integral analysis of the significant persons, events, issues, and trends in the conflicting intellectual traditions of Western-American and social history and their impact upon political, economic, and social issues.

6.   Interest students in informed reading, research, analysis, and discussion of contemporary political systems.

7.   Encourage students to reaffirm, restate, and reapply the historic Biblical Christian Worldview and practice the politics of grace.

Biblical Principles Concerning Government

A Governments should punish evil and encourage good

B What about the detailed laws for Israel given in Exodus-Deuteronomy?

C God is sovereign over all nations

D Governments should serve the people and seek the good of the people, not the rulers

E Citizens should obey the government (except in certain circumstances)

F Governments should safeguard human liberty

G Governments cannot save people or change human hearts

H The relationship between church and state

I Governments should establish a clear separation of powers

J The rule of law must apply even to the rulers in a nation

K The Bible gives support for some kind of democracy

L Nations should value patriotism