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Faculty Services: Request Instruction

This research guide features resources and strategies for finding information and conducting research particularly relevant to faculty

Requesting Instruction

The Research and Instruction Department offers instruction and support for faculty and students at Liberty University. We support student learning from undergraduate to the doctoral levels. Requesting instruction is a partnership between the faculty member and the librarian to produce support for student learning, projects and research.

Instruction Request Form

Some frequently asked questions follow below. If you have any additional questions, contact Jeremy McGinniss, Coordinator of Research and Instruction, at 434-592-7111 or

FAQs for Requesting Instruction

Why should I schedule a library instruction session for my class?
       While many of your students may have attended a library workshop with their UNIV 101 or INQ 101, they usually have only a basic grasp of research. The JFL has conducted focus groups with LU students who express desire to better understand database  selection, keyword identification and narrowing searches.  If you have had unsatisfactory experiences with students’ papers and projects in the past, or want them to learn specialized resources for your field, please consider scheduling a session.

What’s special about the approach that the Research and Instruction Department at the JFL takes?
       We tailor our teaching to the assignments and the needs of the students. Even when teaching a course with multiple sections, each session is constructed around the instructors suggestions and the class outcomes. Library instruction is a joint collaboration between librarians and the professor to support student learning. We welcome the privilege to be invited to classes. R&I department supports the development of information literacy at Liberty University for students at all levels of study through collaboration with course faculty.  These sessions are not limited to freshman or sophomores. Our experienced library faculty have multiple years of experience teaching undergraduate, graduate and doctoral level sessions ranging from how to use the databases to literature reviews. Students at any level will benefit from depth of the interdisciplinary knowledge brought to the session by the teaching librarians.

How do I schedule library instruction?
       The best method is to use the instruction request form. Please submit your request at least two weeks in advance; you will receive an email confirmation usually within 24 hours. You can also contact Jeremy McGinniss, Coordinator of Research and Instruction, at 434-592-7111 or

How long does the library workshop last?
       This depends on how what is needed by the class and the needs of the assignment. Our workshops are meant to engage the students in meaningful learning so that they can take good practices in research and apply them to the class and to other areas of their academic development. We typically request a full class period. Scheduling is on a first come first served basis, so it is best to schedule early to make sure to secure a date that best meets your student’s needs.

Where do you teach?
       We can come to you or you can bring your students to us. The library has several classroom options that can accommodate anywhere from 10-100 students. However rooms in the JFL are booked quickly and so it is reccommended to schedule these sessions as soon as is possible.

I teach in the evening, on the weekend or have an intensive; can I still request a library session?
       Of course! We teach whenever you teach.

I teach online; can I still request a library session? 
       Absolutely. We offer a range of options to support and engage students studying online.

How can I help to make the library workshop effective?
       Before the session, discuss the applicable paper or project with the class. Explain to the students why the librarian is coming to speak to the class or why the class is coming to the library. Because this is a partnership between faculty and the librarian it is our require professors with undergraduate classes to attend, and strongly encourage faculty for graduate classes to also accompany their students. When you are present, students are more attentive and engaged.
Students will have questions about how the library workshop applies to their assignments, and you are the best one to answer them. You can also emphasize certain points made by the librarian. Communication between you, the faculty member, and the librarian teaching your class, both before and after the instruction takes place, is essential to the success of the session. We are grateful for feedback about the impact of our instruction on your students and their learning in your course.

What other instructional activities does the library provide?
       •    Research Guides: The library maintains a comprehensive group of research guides that identify library resources, demonstrate how to locate library items and general library use. These are located at

       •    Online Workshops: The R&I librarians offer webinars throughout the semester. The schedule can be located at

       •    Customized Instruction Videos: These are specific videos designed with input from the faculty member. These take a good deal more time (planning, shooting, editing) than an in-person session so we would ask that these be requested 30-45 days in advance of the need to make sure that the library can commit the necessary resources to produce a suitable product for your students.

       •    Research consultations. Faculty, staff, and students can set up one-on-one sessions to help with research by contacting Research and Instruction via

Library Tours
If your group would like a tour of the building but does not need instruction, contact Esther Stine, Borrowing Services Coordinator via or 434-592-4975.  

I have more questions!
       We are happy to talk with you! Please contact Jeremy McGinniss, Coordinator of Research and Instruction, at 434-592-7111 or