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Cinematic and Theater Arts Research Guide: Books & E-books

Where is Search Anything?

Search Anything is located on the library home page ( and broadly searches across books, ebooks, articles and more.

You can also search this, and all other Research Guides, using the Search Box located in the top right corner of the page.

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More Resources

Library of Congress Subject Headings

Library of Congress Subject Headings is an alternative to keyword searching. They can narrow down your search much more effectively than keywords. You can start searching the JFL Catalog in the search box above. Select JFL Catalog from the drop-down menu of searches. From the catalog itself the search box will look like this:

Select Subject from the circled drop-down list.

Here are some Theater Arts subject headings to use in your searches:
Acting, also with subheadings

-- Auditions
-- Study and Teaching
-- Vocational Guidance

Stage Fighting
Theater, also with subheadings

-- and society
-- by Country Name
-- Dictionaries
-- History
-- Philosophy
-- Production and Direction
-- Religious Aspects -- Christianity
-- United States

African American Theater
Community Theater
Musical Theater
Readers' Theater

Here are some Cinema Arts subject headings to use in your searches:

Motion Pictures, also with subheadings

-- Aesthetics
-- by Country Name
-- Distribution
-- Editing
-- Evaluation
-- History
-- Philosophy
-- Plots, themes, etc.
-- Political Aspects
-- Production and Direction
-- Psychological aspects
-- Religious aspects -- Christianity
-- Reviews
-- Setting and scenery
-- United States

Animated Films
Bible Films
Film Genres
Motion Picture Acting
Television Acting
Amateur Films
Cinematography, and also subheadings

-- Handbooks, manuals, etc.
-- Lighting
-- Special Effects




Suggested Books

Suggested E-books