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Alumni Research Guide: Finding Books

This research guide provides a brief introduction to researching after graduation.

Local Libraries

Consider getting a public library card at your local library.  Public libraries offer a variety of print and electronic resources you may use.  In addition to their own materials, many of these libraries will also offer you the opportunity to request items from within a regional library network or through an interlibrary loan service.

Find a Library Near You


You can search the WorldCat database to see if libraries in your area have the books you need.  Simply enter your zip code and the title of the item you are looking for, and WorldCat will display the libraries nearest to your home which have the item.

Google Books

Browse books online using Google Books.  Books that are available in the public domain may have the full text available as a PDF.  There are also many books that provide several pages of the book as a preview.  Additionally, Google Books provides basic information about each book such as author, publication date, or subject.