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Graduate Student Research Guide: Dissertation Research & Scholars Crossing

This research guide provides a brief introduction to Graduate Student Research

Dissertation Research

Need to complete a literature review or select a methodology or theoretical framework? The workshop Introduction to Dissertation Research: Literature Reviews, Methodologies, and Theoretical Frameworks discusses tips-and-tricks on how to get the research process started.  

When developing your dissertation, you will need to address a current gap in the scholarly literature. This workshop provides insights into how conducting a literature review can uncover gaps in the literature. 

Final Publication to Scholars Crossing

Congratulations! After years of hard work, the time has some to submit your thesis or dissertation to Liberty University's institutional repository, Scholars Crossing. Please review these guidelines for submitting dissertations and theses to Scholars Crossing. Direct all publication questions to

The mission of Liberty University’s Scholars Crossing is to capture, preserve, and freely distribute the scholarship of our community.  Within this repository are a variety of works by LU faculty, including articles, presentations, and book reviews.  The Scholars Crossing also houses student theses and dissertations as well as several scholarly journals edited by Liberty faculty and students.

During the publication process, you should consider a Creative Commons Licence for your work.  Creative Commons Licences provide you with options for copyrighting your work. 

The workshop below highlights how to submit your publication: 

This workshop address submitting items to Liberty’s Digital Commons as well as resources to find places to submit scholarly journal articles. The workshop also covers the publishing process and copyrighting your work.