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Graduate Student Research Guide: Books & E-Books

This research guide provides a brief introduction to Graduate Student Research

Finding Library Resources

You can use the Find Resources search bar to look for book materials. As the screenshot below displays, click the Books tab, and then enter your search terms. You have the option to refine your search by using Print, E-book, and Audiobook checkboxes. 

Screenshot of the Find Resources bar to find book resources.

The JFL has thousands of physical books at your fingertips. You can browse our open shelving or request physical books from robotic storage

  • Need directions to the Jerry Falwell Library? This interactive map provides building and parking information. 
  • Have questions about our borrowing policies? Our Borrowing Services page has information about how to check-out library resources. 
  • Need help finding a book in the library? Ask any Jerry Falwell Library staff member, or consult these posters around the library. 
  • What a designated place to study? Consider reserving a group study room

Residential students can also take advantage of Interlibrary Loan (ILL). Interlibrary Loan is a service where the Jerry Falwell Library partners with other libraries to provide materials to you. When a book, journal article, or other resource is unavailable in the Jerry Falwell Library's collection, Interlibrary Loan can help you receive needed materials. 

You can use the Find Resources search bar to look for book materials. Click the Books tab, and then enter your search terms. You have the option to refine you search by using the E-book and Audiobook checkboxes.

Online students who do not live close to campus can use the Jerry Falwell Library's Interlibrary Loan service to gain access to library resources. As an online student, you can request physical books from the Jerry Falwell Library's collection, and our Interlibrary Loan (ILL) department will ship these items to your home address. Additionally, if you only need a chapter or two from a book, submit an ILLiad request for the chapter(s), and we will work with you to receive an electronic delivery of the chapters or small portions. 

The Jerry Falwell Library has partnerships with other libraries in the state of Virginia and across the nation. More information about our cooperative borrowing program and local public library interlibrary loan is available on the Jerry Falwell Library's website

  • For students residing in Virginia, you can take advantage of the Virtual Library of Virginia's (VIVA) Cooperative Borrowing Program
  • If you are an eligible student, you are eligible to check out physical books from American Theological Library Association's (ATLA) partner libraries. This is a great option if you live near an ATLA library and prefer physical resources. ATLA partner libraries are listed on this interactive map. If you would like more information about using our ATLA partner libraries, email for more information. 


Finding E-books

Whether in Lynchburg or across the globe, the Jerry Falwell Library's E-book collection is a click away. You can use the Find Resources search bar to look for book materials. As the screenshot below displays, click the Books tab, and then enter your search terms. You have the option to refine your search by using the E-book checkbox.

Screenshot demonstrating how to use the Find Resources bar to locate E-Books.


The Jerry Falwell Library has a E-book Research Guide to aid you in your research, and you can review this FAQ on finding e-books. While the Jerry Falwell Library catalog will provide E-book results, you also have the option to consult E-book specific databases. A full list of E-Book databases is available using the A-Z Databases: E-Books list. To access to this E-Book list, visit the Jerry Falwell Library's website, and from the main home page, then click Browse All Databases. You will then be directed to the A-Z Database list. As the screenshot below shows, click on the All Database Types dropdown menu, and then select E-Books

Using the A-Z Database List to find Ebook resources.