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Nursing Research Guide: Home

This research guide features resources and strategies for finding information and conducting research related to Nursing.

Welcome Nursing Students

My name is Andi Molinet and I am the Jerry Falwell Liaison Librarian to the School of Nursing. This research guide will help you navigate your Nursing Research. The tabs above contain links to resources provided by the Jerry Falwell Library, as well as other helpful information specific to the field of nursing research. This guide gathers together many resources and services that will benefit your studies and nursing research.

Research Help

Librarians at the Jerry Falwell Library specialize in helping you narrow down your topic, finding scholarly resources, and conducting research within the library's catalog and databases.  If you need research assistance, please contact the team at the Jerry Falwell Library.


Our most important research tip: Contact us if you have a research question!  You can reach our team by calling (434) 582-2220 or emailing

Citation Help

Need help citing your sources in APA style? The library now offers access to Academic Writer

You can also contact the Liberty University Writing Center (Residential and Online) for more help. The Writing Center specializes in the writing, formatting, and editing process. If you need assistance with a particular citation style or if you want a writing specialist to review a draft of your paper, please reach out to the Writing Center. 


This introductory RefWorks tutorial demonstrates how to export citations from a database so that they can be imported into RefWorks and stored in folders. The tutorial will also demonstrate how to edit citations and access them from Microsoft Word to form footnotes and bibliographies.