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Nursing Research Guide: Home

This research guide features resources and strategies for finding information and conducting research related to Nursing.

Welcome Nursing Students!

This guide is crafted to help you access the Jerry Falwell Library's resources and services that will benefit you most.  Our most important research tip: Contact us if you have a research question!  You can reach our team by calling (434) 582-2220 or emailing If you have a nursing-specific research question, schedule a virtual appointment with Kathryn Eckler for one-on-one assistance. 

This research guide gathers a variety of resources that deal with nursing research or that may be used to support nursing research, so you have most of the library's nursing resources in one place.

Citation Help

Librarians at the Jerry Falwell Library specialize in helping you narrow down your topic, finding scholarly resources, and conducting research within the library catalog and databases.  If you need research assistance, please contact the team at the Jerry Falwell Library. 

The Liberty University Writing Center specializes in the writing, formatting, and editing process. If you need assistance with a particular citation style, or if you want someone to review your essay, please reach out to the Writing Center.  The Writing Center provides services for both residential and online students. 

Using RefWorks for Citation Help

Keeping track of your citations does not have to be difficult. The Jerry Falwell Library offers RefWorks to help you keep track of the references that you are using and to assist you with citing your sources. 

RefWorks can output your paper's reference list in many citation styles, including APA. It is important to verify that your reference list is in the correct format, so be sure to make sure the citation is correct in RefWorks. The short video tutorial below can help you get started using RefWorks.