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AMA Writing Guide: References List

This research guide provides a brief introduction to the AMA 11th edition.

General Guidelines

The Liberty University Writing Center has created a Sample Reference document in AMA-11 Format. For all other reference styles, section 3.0 in the AMA Manual of Style provides a detailed explanation of how to properly cite different information resources. 

  • Generally, the References list is called 'References,' and is typed in Level 1 heading format (bold, Arial 14-point font).
    • For papers written with a non-structured abstract, 'References' is centered at the top of the page.
    • For papers written with a structured abstract, 'References' is left justified. 
  • Remember that all sources mentioned in the report must appear on the References page. 
  • Citations in AMA style are ordered consecutively (numerically) in the order that they appear in the report. Citations are typed in Times New Roman 12-point font, are single-spaced, and are left justified. Provide one line of space between citations. 
  • Many of the JFL databases have AMA citation generators to help you create references. These citations are computer generated and need to be evaluated against the AMA Manual for accuracy