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AMA Writing Guide: MPH Resources

This research guide provides a brief introduction to the AMA 11th edition.

MPH Resources

During your time in the Master of Public Health Program here at Liberty University, you will utilize many of the library’s offerings, ranging from our database collections to receiving one-on-one assistance from a research librarian. Suggested library offerings include: 

How can a librarian help me? We can assist you by: 

  • Based on your individual project, we can recommend relevant and specific databases for your research.  

  • We can help you identify strong keywords that approach your topic from multiple angles.  

  • After recommending databases and crafting keywords, librarians can show you how to effectively run searches in both the library catalog and in our databases.  

  • We can help elevate your research strategies. 

  • After you have found relevant research articles and materials, we can help you organize your research to streamline the reading, note taking, and writing process.