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Biology & Chemistry Research Guide: Creation Studies

This research guide features resources and strategies for finding information and conducting research related to Biology, Chemistry, Creation Studies, and Earth Science


When looking for Creation Studies resources, consulting specific journals is a good way to find precise search results. The following journals found within the Christian Periodical Index are a great place to begin your Creation Studies research. 


Creation Studies encompasses many academic disciplines, including theology, biology, chemistry, and earth science, among others. To find relevant resources, using science or multidisciplinary databases will yield the best results. The databases below are a suggested starting point for your research. 

In addition to the JFL databases provided above, the Creation Education Resources Research Assistance Database also provides creationist literature, both popular and technical, generally reflecting a young-earth perspective. Indexes and abstracts more than 30,000 books, articles, book reviews, and other sources, pointing to full-text content where possible.

Library of Congress Subject Headings

The JFL has a selection of print Creation Science books. These books are found on different levels of the library, so as you are searching for items, note the book's location, either on open shelving or in robotic storage. If a book tower location is not noted, then it will need to be retrieved from the robotic system.

Call numbers and location in the book tower:

  • Terrace level
    • BL175-265: Natural theology (including theism, creation, religion and science)
    • BS650-667: Bible and science (including creation, the Flood, evolution, natural history)
  • First floor
    • BT100-103: Doctrine of God (including arguments for God’s existence)
  • Third floor
    • QH325: Origin and beginnings of life
    • QH359-425: Evolution (works that critique the theory are at QH367.3)

When conducting research, you can use the subject headings below as search terms.  Using subject headings as search terms makes your results more specific and precise.  

  • Creationism
  • Evolution (Biology) – study and teaching – United States – History
  • Evolution (Biology) – United States – Religious aspects
  • Creationism – United States – History
  • Creation – Biblical teaching
  • Life – Origin
  • Human beings – Origin
  • God – Proof
  • Intelligent design (Teleology)
  • Biblical cosmology

Book Resources