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Biology & Chemistry Research Guide: Creation Studies

This research guide features resources and strategies for finding information and conducting research related to Biology, Chemistry, Creation Studies, and Earth Science





Book Resources

Library of Congress Subject Headings

When conducting research, you can use the subject headings below as search terms.  Using subject headings as search terms makes your results more specific and precise.  

  • Creationism
  • Evolution (Biology) – study and teaching – United States – History
  • Evolution (Biology) – United States – Religious aspects
  • Creationism – United States – History
  • Creation – Biblical teaching
  • Life – Origin
  • Human beings – Origin
  • God – Proof
  • Intelligent design (Teleology)
  • Biblical cosmology

Call numbers and location in the book tower: BL262 and BS651-652: Terrace level; BT102-3: First floor; QH 325, QH361 and QH367.3: Third floor.

When searching the Jerry Falwell Library catalog, please note the location of the item. If a book tower location is not noted, then it will need to be retrieved from the robotic system.