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OpenAthens Guide: Ebook Central Bookshelf

This research guide is designed to assist all Liberty University users in understanding and navigating all issues related to OpenAthens

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How to Save your Ebook Central Bookshelf Books Before Liberty Switches Authentication

1. Go to Bookshelf on the top right of your Ebook Central account, and you will see the folders containing books you've saved to your bookshelf.

2. Export the books in each folder of your Ebook Central account to an excel file list containing the titles, authors, publishers, ISBNs and access URLs, click the Export Folder icon. You can also choose to email the folder to yourself by choosing the Mail icon to the left of the Export Folder icon.

Make sure to export each folder you want to save by checking the Saved to Bookshelf area


3. In order to save any notes taken, you must click on the 3 dots to the far right of the title you've notated, and click export notes:


4. Your notes will be downloaded as a text file such as below:

How to Access Items Saved to Your Bookshelf After Liberty Switches Authentication

When Liberty University changes to OpenAthens authentication, you may notice that your previously-saved items no longer appear on your bookshelf. With single sign-on authentication, you are signing in to your bookshelf when you log in to Jerry Falwell Library's system for access to the site. Because of this, a new account will be created based on the userID you use on your library's authentication system, and you will have a new bookshelf.
However, it is possible to retrieve items saved to your previous bookshelf. 

Ebook Central requires bookshelf merge requests to be submitted by your librarian.

Please email to submit a ticket to Ebook Support on your behalf. They will need to include the following information:

  • The name of the library or university or the URL you use to access Ebook Central
  • Your previous Ebook Central username (in most cases this will be your email address, if your library previously used the Ebook Central Patron Login authentication method to create accounts directly on Ebook Central)
  • Your current Ebook Central username. The username seen by our system may differ from the username you use when signing in. To see what Ebook Central is using as your username, sign in to Ebook Central and go to Settings > Profile. Copy what you see under the "Email/Username" field

Please allow several days for the bookshelf merge since we will need to schedule the work with the Ebooks engineering team.

If you're not sure what your previous username was, Ebook Support may still be able to identify your old bookshelf. It will help if you can remember some of the titles you had saved, and/or any folder names. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to identify your bookshelf without the username.

Please note that ProQuest will delete patron bookshelf data after 24 months of inactivity. After this time we will not be able to move saved items to your new bookshelf, since we will no longer be able to access your old bookshelf.

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