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OpenAthens Guide: Technical Information (Internal Use)

This research guide is designed to assist all Liberty University users in understanding and navigating all issues related to OpenAthens

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David Leffler
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Subjects: Business

Authentication Prefixes

EZproxy Prefix:

OpenAthens Prefix:

Ebook Central Prefix:

(Internal Use) Deep Linking Syntax for OpenAthens Admin

{target} = vendor supports deep linking

{entity} = vendor supports WAYFless linking

Vendor-Specific Link Information

O'Reilly (Must have this prefix link structure) -

Gale (Cengage) - u=vic_liberty

EBSCO - &authtype=shib&custid=liberty

ProQuest - accountid=12085

Gale (Cengage) - u=vic_liberty


IF - ovftpdfs - THEN - "link was probably trynig to link to PDF - Therefore, use PDF format to replace the AN#{AN#}&PDF=y
IF - - THEN - remove "" - THEN - Put link through OpenAthens Link generator

EBSCO Find & Replace Solution
Find: Dmth
Replace with: Dasn

Replace with:3Dsite%26custid%3Dliberty%26authtype%3Dip%2Cshib