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OpenAthens Guide: Home

This research guide is designed to assist all Liberty University users in understanding and navigating all issues related to OpenAthens

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What is OpenAthens?

OpenAthens is a company that provides off-campus authentication for Liberty University's electronic resources by redirecting URL's through a secure network.

Why Liberty Switched to OpenAthens Authentication

Liberty University switched from EZproxy authentication to OpenAthens authentication for three primary reasons:

1) OpenAthens provides greater security for accessing Liberty's electronic resources.

2) OpenAthens requires less internal support to maintain continuity of access to electronic resources.

3) OpenAthens provides greater reporting capabilities for informed decision making to optimize JFL collections.

What Has Changed?

1. Links in Canvas have been changed to OpenAthens authentication.

2. Links in Concourse have been changed to OpenAthens authentication.

3. Links provided through JFL's main search page (Summon) have been changed to OpenAthens authentication.

What Faculty Need to Do

  • Any links in your Word Documents, PDFs, or future emails that contain EZproxy must use OpenAthens authentication.
  • Any links added to Canvas in the future must use OpenAthens authentication.

OpenAthens Guide PDF