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History Research Guide: Home

This research guide features resources and strategies for finding information and conducting research related to History.

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Why Use This Page?

This site is meant to be a research guide for people who have history topics.  It is important to:

1) Verify you understand your assignment.  Can you use books and articles? Do you need to locate primary sources?  Does your information have to be from a certain time period? 

2) Can you use reference materials?  These often give a great brief overview of your topic.  You can see some suggestions in the Encyclopedias & Dictionaries tab above.

3) Do you need resources specific to a certain class?  Your history classes come with a prefix (i.e. HIEU, HIUS, etc.).  We've outlined some specific resources for those courses in the "Specific / Additional Resources" section.

4) Do you need help writing your paper?  The writing center can help you.  If you're an online student, please contact this department: Online Writing Center.

5) Ask Us.  Finally, don't forget you can also ask us if you need help.


** So, what do you need? **

1 article or 1 primary source -- Try our general resource list under our Databases tab.

To get a better understanding of my topic -- Ask your professor for help, ask a libarian for help, or try our Encyclopedia and Dictionaries listed in one of the tabs above.

A lot of books -- Try our Books & E-books tab

As much as we have -- 1) Be sure you understand your assignment, 2) Get an overview of the topic, 3) Do some general research, 4) Try course specific tools under "Specific / Additional Resources".  5) Plan enough time to get materials from other libraries. 6) Ask us if you need any help.