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History Research Guide: World War 1

This research guide features resources and strategies for finding information and conducting research related to History.

World War 1

Resources related to the study of World War 1

Don't forget as you do your research, that search terms may change from resource to resource.  If you're not finding anything, try variants such as: "The Great War", "World War One", and/or "The First World War".

World War 1 -- Books

If you're looking for a print book, there's a few places where you can look. 

The Library of Congress groups them primarily here: D501-680 -- World War I (1914-1918).

A good start would be here: JFL Library Search

Searching Outside Our Library's Holdings

If you're looking for books beyond our holdings, this site lets you search both our holdings and those of other libraries.  The ones we own are listed first:
Worldcat Search

Borrowing from Other Libraries

For the items that we don't have, take advantage of our Inter Library Loan service to try to get the item from another library.  Plan 5 - 7 business days on average for a book, depending upon how busy our library is, how busy the other library is, how rare the book is, how far it has to come from to get here, etc.

Book Reviews

Don't ignore book reviews necessarily.  Multiple book reviews can help give a good understanding of thought on a particular book.  If the book review makes the book look interesting then, by all means, get access to that particular book.

World War 1 -- Media

World War 1 -- Museums and Archives

World War 1 -- Newspapers and Journals

You can search specific databases that focus on history, or you can do a broad search of almost all of our databases to see what journals and newspapers you can find.  A broad search can be found here: World War 1 Newspapers and Journals.

Don't forget to try to limit your search.  Also, remember that when you cite an article, it should take you to the article itself, not to a search result for the article whereby someone has to click to get to the article.