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History Research Guide: Military Studies

This research guide features resources and strategies for finding information and conducting research related to History.

Military Studies

Much of your research can be found in our general databases and history databases which I will list here, and which you can find on other pages.  I plan to list resources that are targeted more directly to military studies on this site.



Books and Ebooks

Our books are organized by the Library of Congress classification system.  While you can use keywords or subjects to do a search, sometimes it can help if you start with a pre-selected group of items.  

Military Science titles are found in one of the groups here:

For subclass U, "Military Science (General)", you can browse titles here.

For subclass UA, "Armies: Organization, Distribution, Military Situation", try this.

There are of course titles scattered throughout other call number areas, but this is still good to be aware of.


We have a few other sites that offer videos as well.  One is titled "Kanopy".  For this collection, we had individual titles once a year.  They come and go depending upon use and interest.  We have a few related titles in the history section now.  They can be found here.

Documents and Document Collections