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Academic Affairs for Athletics Research Guide: Databases

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Database Resources

Research can be confusing.  And where to find articles your professor wants for an assignment can be complicated. Let me help.

What is a database?  A database is like a file cabinet.  It holds many journals similar to a vanilla file folder.  The file folder holds papers that are similar to articles.  Databases can be generic and hold many different subject areas or it can be more subject-specific and hold only journals that are similar in subject matter.  

Below are selected database resources to assist in your research.  Please note the Guides by Subject on the lower left screen.  Using Guides by Subject will assist in specific subject areas with tools for that particular area of study.

If you are off-campus and need to use the library please enter the library home page by using a VPN or going through Canvas/Blackboard. This will allow the system to recognize you as a student and will give you access to all of our resources as if you were on campus.  Please contact us if you have any questions by using the ASK US button on the far right side screen or the Contact us information on this screen. 


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