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Religion & Philosophy Research Guide: Systematic Theology

This research guide features resources and strategies for finding information and conducting research related to Religion and Philosophy.

Theological Terms

Resources for quick definitions of major theological terms. These books will help students to understand the language of theology, and to identify how theological expressions are being used in academic writing. 

Theological Method

What exactly is Theological Method and what does it mean to 'do theology'?

These resources can help with defining the Task of theology.


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Introducing Systematic Theology

These Systematic Theology textbooks represent a variety of theological perspectives, doctrinal commitments, and denominational points of view. These also make great reference books for detailed study into many theological topics. When using these resources, we recommend comparing the discussions of 4 or more systematics. Look for the different approaches to same topic, the use of historical theology, the use of exegetical or philosophical arguments, whether they give some practical applications, whether they address contemporary cultural issues, etc.

Gallery of Systematics

Too many to choose from? Try starting with Grudem, Erickson, Enns, or McGrath.
Feel free to contact the library for assistance sorting through the many different systematic theologies, or with finding the right one for your research needs.



The Theological Dictionaries listed below offer extended treatment of key theological terminology, various doctrinal perspectives, and major theologians.