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Religion & Philosophy Research Guide: Faith at Work

This research guide features resources and strategies for finding information and conducting research related to Religion and Philosophy.

Faith at Work Webpages

These websites offer articles and other materials on faith-at-work, the biblical concept of Vocation (outside of local church ministry), and a faithful witness in the marketplace.
Several sites do their own publishing. 

CFB Bibliography

Vocation & Faith-at-Work


The books below represent some helpful titles on being a faithful presence in the secular workplace, on seeing so-called mundane tasks as divine callings, and helping all members of a local congregation to hold a biblical view of work that glorifies God and demonstrates love to our neighbors. 

Not sure where to start? We recommend beginning with Keller, Every Good Endeavor, as a great introduction into the topic. 


Some great Faith & Work quotes to reflect upon:

"God milks the cows through the vocation of the milk maids" ~ Martin Luther (God provides for us through the work of others)

"Your vocation in life is where your greatest joy meets the world’s greatest need." ~ Frederick Buechner

"The only Christian work is good work well done." ~ Dorothy Sayers

“God is glorified and the world is helped by properly ordered human creativity.” ~ Smith & Stonestreet