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Family & Consumer Sciences Research Guide: FACS 445

This research guide features resources and strategies for finding information and conducting research related to the Family and Consumer Science degree programs.

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APA Style

APA Style

RefWorks - Organize your research and easily generate reference lists.

We don't have the article or book you need. Now what?

If you have an article or book that you feel would benefit your research, use InterLibrary Loan.  We have a system of sharing items with other libraries.  Visit InterLibrary Loan and see if they can help.  It is a free service of the Jerry Falwell Library.

Suggested Books

Reserve Books 

This list contains physical books that are put on reserve to use for projects in this class.  Please go to the library customer service desk on the main level and request to borrow any of these books that are in the reserve room.  They are only available for short borrow times so all the students can use these items.


Search for books in the JFL Catalog here.

If you are having trouble finding books, use to find books at other libraries that you can then request through InterLibrary Loan (ILL).

Research Paper Assignment

Finding Articles in our databases:

Using Find Resources box in the Advanced Search option

Use terms such as baroque AND history AND interior design 


Using ProQuest Central in the advanced Search option 

Use terms such as baroque AND "interior design"

a result is The 19th Century Style of Art in the Context of Contemporary Terminology,  Article


Authentic Source/Information

Evaluate whether the information is from a reputable source, works within time frame needed, relevant, accurate, and eduational.

CRAAP Test: Evaluate information/article
1. Currency: What is the copyright, publication, or posting date?   Is the information outdated?
2. Relevance: Is the source considered popular or scholarly?  Does the source answer your research question?
3. Authority: Who is the author?  Is the author credible or expert on topic?  Author's background (experience or education)?
4. Accuracy: Does the information see accurate? What kind of language,imagery, or tone is used (emotional, objective,        professional)?
5. Purpose: What is the purpose or motive of source (educational, commercial, entertainment, or promotional)?  Does the source seem biased?