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Family & Consumer Sciences Research Guide: FACS 260

This research guide features resources and strategies for finding information and conducting research related to the Family and Consumer Science degree programs.

Is it a good resource with good information?

Use databases and links provided in Steps I and II.
CRAAP Test: Evaluate information/article
1. Currency: What is the copyright, publication, or posting date?   Is the information outdated?
2. Relevance: Is the source considered popular or scholarly?  Does the source answer your research question?
3. Authority: Who is the author?  Is the author credible or expert on topic?  Author's background (experience or education)?
4. Accuracy: Does the information see accurate? What kind of language,imagery, or tone is used (emotional, objective,        professional)?
5. Purpose: What is the purpose or motive of source (educational, commercial, entertainment, or promotional)?  Does the source seem biased?

Lesson Plan Related Websites

Where are books in the JFL for Education Information

Within the 3rd floor book shelves, robotic system or electronic resource (online book) can be searched by call number:

LB 1140 has Preschool Education,

LB 1115  has Psychology of Children,

LB 1119 has Research of Education,

LC has Homeschooling

LC has Special Needs.


Databases at Jerry Falwell Library

Magazines or Journals

Media Resources at Jerry Falwell Library

Subject Guide

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APA Style

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