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Business Research Guide: BMAL 703

This page is designed to be used in conjunction with The Center for Entrepreneurship's curriculum.

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Searching for Scholarly Sources in Journals

When searching for recent scholarly sources, one of the most important skills will be formulating a search query in a research database to find journal articles. Although every database operates by the same basic principles, each interface is unique and the vocabulary used to index articles might be slightly different. So it may require a little trial and error to create a really successful search. In general, you can search for the latest publications on topics such as goal-setting theory, the Vroom-Yetto-Yago model, ownership as a team management concept, and contemporary organizational management by formulating the correct key word searches in these databases. For an explanation on how to do this, please see this video. Here are a couple of suggested databases to use for these kinds of topics:

Biblical Integration and Business Management Research

Biblical integration in your research can call for different types of information, depending on the assignment. Sometimes you will need to make your own connections between Scripture and the management theory, practice, or principle. In these cases, researching biblical/theological resources which are outside the scope of typical business literature may be necessary in order to discover relevant examples or points of reference for the analysis. In other instances, assignments may call for business resources in which scholars or practitioners have proposed how the Christian worldview should be integrated into business practice. In these cases, it is important to recognize that the scope of the literature that addresses this is much more limited than business scholarship on whole. There may often be instances in which there are no published scholarly critiques of specific management theories or approaches from a Christian perspective. If this is the case for your topic, the best approach would be to draw conclusions from Christian thinkers who have addressed more general, or related, management issues.

Below are a few recommended resources that will help in finding these different types of information. For more resources on faith and business, click here.

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