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Business Research Guide: BUSI 650

This page is designed to be used in conjunction with The Center for Entrepreneurship's curriculum.

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Use these print and/or online books to gain background knowledge in the field of operations management.


Although every database operates by the same basic principles, each interface is unique and the vocabulary used to index articles might be slightly different, so it may require a little trial and error to create a really successful search.  Please consult a Research Assistance Librarian if you need help devising a search strategy for a particular research topic.

As you begin your search, it will be helpful to start by listing a set of keywords or terms that relate to your topic.  Unsure where to start?  Begin by finding overviews of your topic in a book, a reference material or through a credible website.  As you read, make a list of terms, including synonyms, that you could use to conduct your search.  A key tip in beginning a search is to begin as broad as possible with your terminology and search combinations and move toward specific.

Use the following tutorials to refresh your search techniques:

Search Techniques #1

Search Techniques #2 


Useful Websites

Finding Persistent Links (Permalinks)

Please follow the best practices as outlined in the OpenAthens libguide